Student Visa Subclass 500

We all have a dream to study abroad. Becoming an international student studying in Australia is exciting! Applying for a visa is a long and complicated process but Go Easy Immigration can help you as we are specialized in Migration.

Australia is ethnically diverse and welcoming country. Australians are very friendly. This friendly, safe and multicultural environment makes Australia a desirable destination for international students seeking access to our campuses and communities.

The Australian Education system is considered one of the best in the world, with many different options for students. There are both government funded, free options as well as private schooling options.

Entry in different types of education will require the applicant to meet the entry requirements which may well be sufficient completion of prior education at a satisfactory level, or satisfactory completion of an entrance examination.

This visa is for a student's parent, guardian or a relative to provide care and support

for a student visa holder. The student must be under 18 years of age or is 18 year of age or older, who need care and support due to exceptional circumstances.There are other requirements as well regarding age and financial position that need to be fulfilled.

 Training Visa Subclass 407

This visa will let you participate in workplace based training to develop your skills in your existing occupation, field expertise and area of tertiary study. you need to meet the eligibility criteria for this visa.

Student Gaurdian Visa Subclass  590

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